what is happening between India and China

   What is happening between India and China

Hey guys, I am Axel Blaze as you are well aware about the present situation of world.2020 is going to be the worst year.Today i am going to talk about a different topic that is what is happening between India and China.At 6 June there is 

a meeting of leftinant general level  between Indian and chinese officials .There is a detailed discussion regarding the construction of illegal chinese post in Indian territory across point 14 in LAC After the detailed discussion the post is 

removed , then everything seems to be ok. At 14 june , China again created a post in Indian territory.ON 15 TH June at 5pm curnel Santosh Babu goes on a talk with the chinese side  as  he felt it was a mistake .But this situation is different .The chinese 

soldiers have a faceoff with Indian soldiers .As these were the chinese soldiers that were never seen before which means they have done it intentionally.As the Santosh Babu with his team of two major, 35 soldiers destroyed the chinese post and set it 

on fire. Curnel Santosh Babu of 16 Bihar Regiment considered one of the best officers. He is also a NDA instructor at a time .There is a brutual face off between both side this changed the whole scenario .There is a brutual fight , Chinese side started 

throwing at indian side .One stone hits the Curnel Santosh Babu .There is heavy casualities on both sides . There are 3 Faceoff between both side .Many are injured and wounded.After the faceoff ended bodies are recovered from 

both side .Injured are given medical treatment .According to data standoff results the death of 20 Indian and 43 Chinese soldiers were injured (including an officer).As a proud Indian i am proud of my Indian  army.One thing china should keep in 

mind that this is not India of 1962.This is India of 2020. Let me know what you think about this. Share your views and queries in comment section.

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