Tricks To Increase Blog Traffic,How To Get blog Traffic For Beginners

 Tricks To Increase Blog Traffic,How To Get       blog Traffic For   Beginners      


Blog is the content which you post on your website .through blog you share useful information to the  for which you get money according to the traffic generated on site.At first it is very difficult to get traffic on your will find that nobody is watching your content which is quite demotivating.But most of the people publishing blogs does not know that they have rank their content on google for which you need better seo (search engine optimization) .you need to be careful about writing content do not copy your content from other websites other wise you will face a copyright claim.So now i am telling you the hacks you should try to get traffic on your site.

1) BLOG COMMENTING: You should use this technique to get large amount of traffic .this methods provide you the back links to your site .first you need to find top do follow sites with high DA OR PA.then you should comment on their blog and provide a reference link to your blog.this is very good and 100% working trick.

2)Youtube: yes Youtube guys .youtube can be a way for you guys to fetch traffic on your blog.If you have a youtube channel promote or provide a link down in the description to your blog .

3) Pinterest : You can use image sharing sites such as pinterest .In which you share a image related to blog  with title and description.the image is provided with back link to your site .

4) QUORA: Quora is site where you just answers to simple questions asked by random just need to answer the questions related to your me guys it can give you views upto in thousands 1k-100k views in just some days .

5)Facebook,instagram and whatsapp: yes guys you need to promote your blogs and inform people so that they could know about you and your blog 

6)CONTENT QUALITY: You should know that people prefer quality over quantity.If  you want them to become your loyal or regular readers you should need to write quality content or the content people prefer the most.Content should be on attractive or trending topic           

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