How to earn by blogging

                            How to earn by blogging

how to earn by blogging

How to earn by blogging 

Hey guys as we know the whole world is hit by the corona virus epidemic . Most of  are at home due to lock down.You all are figuring out that how can you earn money just by sitting at home.So here how to earn by blogging.Blog is a detailed information about a any topic with images , videos 

etc.Blog is the easiest way to fetch money just by sitting at home.You can write blog on whichever topic you want and then you have to publish it online through your own website or free blogging platform like blogger,wordpress etc. you get paid for the number of clicks on the adds running on

your blog.Blogging remove the language barrier .You can write blog in any language .But most of the blogs on internet are in english .So i will recommend you to write your blog in english .So this the detailed information about blogging.Now back to the question how to earn by blogging Well you

should know how to get viewers and rank your blog in google .Because with good ranking and huge viewers means  you will get a large no. clicks on add running on your blog which means large amount of money.Basically you will get paid only for add clicks on blog .

How to increase traffic or viewers on your blog or site:

Well at beginning you will not get much need to promote your blogs on various social media platforms.As you need to tell people about your blogs .So here are some basic tips to increase traffic or views on your blogs
1) Social media( Whatsapp,FB,Instagram): you need to promote your blog on various social networking sites.You have to write post with a link to your blog to fetch views on blog.
2)Quora : Sites like quora can fetch you views in thousand or more.You just have to answer simple question and provide there a link to your blog.This is a 100% working trick.Even i have also tried it
3) Pinterest : Use image sharing sites like pinterest in which you publish post with images related to your blog .These images contain backlinks to your blog
4)Quality content : write always quality content.As people always prefer quality over quantity


How to rank your blog post:

Now this is also one of thing you should keep in mind if you want to know how to earn by blogging. Well writing and promoting your blog is of know use if you cannot rank your article.So follow these basic tips to rank your article on first page of google.
1) Keyword : you should know how to use keyword appropriately in your blog.You should always use low competition .
2) Google Search Console : Always index your post on google search console
3)SEO friendly templates: always use responsive or SEO friendly templates for your blogger


So this is how to all about how to earn by blogging.At beginning you can face difficulties but once you become friendly with this you can easily earn money just by sitting at home.You can earn up to thousand,lacks or more.But you to word hard and make efforts at beginning.So hope you have an idea about how to earn by blogging.For your queries bring it down to the comment section.

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