Want To Lose Weight|Read This

                   Want To Lose Weight|Read This

 WEIGHT Loss is topic that is that comes to everybody mind who have fat belly and want to loose weight.But loosing weight is not that much easy .Well doing excercise on regular basis is one of key to loose weight.But for persons who can't go out and could'nt find time for the  excercise .You could use these home made tips to loose weight.These are given below 

1) Luke warm water(gunguna pani):Drinking Lukewarm water (gun guna pani)  with 1-2 table spoon honey at morning before breakfast when you have not eaten anything.It have many benifits with weight loss such as glow on face,stronger immune system etc.
 For benifits of lukewarm water or garam pani you can watch this video :

2)Cinnamon Drink:

this can be made with -
i)take 20 gm Dalchini (Cinnamon)
ii)add 10 gm dry ginger
iii)add small and large eliachi(Cardamom)
iv)10 gm jaifal(Nutmeg)
Grink it mix well with mixer to make a powder .hen Take 1/2 spoon powder with hot water.You can take this 2-3 times in a day.


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