Personality development

                Personality development 
                                                                                                                  - swami vivekanand

              what is personality ??

Personality development change life,Personality development change thinking,Personality development change behaviour,Personality development change life style.

According to a well known Cambridge international dictionary personality  reflects type of person you are,how you behave, think etc.How a person behave and think in a given situation is only determined by his mindset.The person look,the way he speak does'nt reflect personality fully.

It is not complete personality personality.Personality are of two type temporary or fake and real or permanent.Both are very different .Temporary Personality is how is not your real 
personality .It is like  being someone else not yourself.Permanent personality reflects your actual behaviour , feelings,your thinking

         neccesity to know mind  

We want to do many things-make resolutions ,make good habits,to leave bad habits ,to study .Many times our mind does'nt agree,also force us to leave or make less efforts at implementing our methods.A book opened in front of us,our eyes are open but our mind is somewhere else,thinking about event happened in life.Same thing happens at time of praying .Vivekananda says:Free! we who cannot for a moment govern our mind, nay,cannot hold our mind on a subject,focusit on to a point of exclusion of everything for a moment.Can we train to focus?how can it contribute to our personality development

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