Drinking Water While Standing?

                Drinking Water While Standing? 

WATER is precious and drinking it is our neccesity or need. Water whoose sicentific name is H20 is precious for us. as our body is made from 70% water. But have you noticed how you usually drink water? 

Answer is no.Drinking is a kind of art.There are many problem related to drinking water while standing which you will experience as you grow old.When you drink water  while standig it passes through the food canal at a rapid  pace due to which it causes damage to tissue of stomach.

It causes damage to cell present in cell wall.It causes diseases such as arhitis ,digestive problems.As our body is composed of water due to which it is a vital element of our body.

many problems which people face due to drinking habits at old age such as pain in joints.There is also gathering of liquid in joints.Also water doesnot get purified properly.

Due to this liver doesnot perform it function properly.....

MUSLIMS always drink water  while sitting as mentioned in their religion it is also due to this scientific fact.Drinking water while standing also cause liver problems,heart problems.so if you will implement it will definitely serve benificial for you .It will have benifits not in short term but in long terms.

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