Today world is concerned about only one issue that is Corona Virus.Corona virus is a disease also known as COVID-19 which is known to be orignated from  Wuhan China.It is a infectious virus so it can be easily
transmitted from one person to another.It is preventable by being cautious and carefull. It can be treated.

It is preventable and recoverable as soon as it is treated.It more likely to affect people of old age already effected with other diseases  such as respiratory problems,cancer,sugar problems   and children.So children and old people should be handled with care.When a healthy person come in contact with an infected person . he/she will experience it symptoms in 2-14 days.


2)Breathing Difficulties
3)High fever
4)Running Nose

                                                                                                                                      PREVENTIVE MEASURES:

1)Avoid physical contact
2)Wash hand properly upto 20-30 seconds
3)Keep sanitizer with you
4)Wear masks
Stay away and maintain a distance of 1m from any person.Currently there is no vaccines for the deadly virus .Many countries and international organisation have joined hand to research for a successful vaccine against corona virus.

It live upto 12-14 hours or more depending on weather conditions.It is more likely to spread in cold climatic conditions .If you experience symptomps of deadly virus then you need to go to doctor or hospital because it will be cured depending on how soon you start treating it.



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